VMFS Recovery

Recover data from VMFS/VMware disks

Vmfs Recovery offers a safe, easy way to recover information stored on VMFS-formatted disks. Like any other storage media, VMware disks can get damaged by software and hardware faults. Bad blocks and physical corruption of hard drives storing the virtual disk images can also cause corruption to VMware images.

Recover Information from Healthy and Damaged VMFS Drives

Vmfs Recovery can recover data from healthy and corrupted virtual disk images used by VMware vSphere 5, ESX/ESXi VMware(R) ESX Server(tm) in fully automated mode. As VMware employs VMFS, its very own file system to store virtual machines, Vmfs Recovery works equally well in quick and full recovery modes.

Recover VMDK Disks from ESX Servers

Recovering VMDK images from ESX servers is a two-step process. First, Vmfs Recovery will repair the ESX/ESXi storage to gain access to individual virtual PCs stores in these partitions. After that, individual virtual machines represented with their VMDK disks can be extracted, and a standard data recovery process can be launched.

Remote Recovery

Information is retrieved online over the network without the need to physically access the actual server hosting the virtual PCs. There’s absolutely no need to shut down the host computer or remove hard drives containing the virtual servers.

Recover VMware Partitions from Damaged Hard Drives and Faulty RAID Arrays

VMFS disks can be recovered from damaged, corrupted and inaccessible physical hard drives and RAID arrays, including corrupted RAIDs and broken arrays with or without the original RAID controller installed.

Fully Automated VMFS Recovery

VMFS disks can be recovered from damaged, corrupted and inaccessible physical hard drives and RAID arrays, including corrupted RAIDs and broken arrays with or without the original RAID controller installed.

What Can Be Recovered

  • VMDK images from healthy and corrupted VMFS disks created in all versions of ESX Server or VMware
  • VMFS drives stored on working or faulty RAID arrays, with or without the original RAID controller present
  • VMFS drives stored on corrupted and inaccessible hard drives
  • VMDK images stored in disks formatted by VMware(R) ESX Server(tm)


  • VMFS partitions created in VMware vSphere 3.5-6 and ESX/ESXi VMware® ESX Server™
  • VMFS3 and VMFS5 support
  • Supports files up to 64TB
  • VMFS5 drives with more than 100,000 files
  • VMFS partitions up to 64TB
  • Unicode file names in VMFS5
  • VMFS drives stored on all types of RAID arrays including RAID JBOD, 0, 1, 1E, 0+1, 1+0, RAID 4, RAID 5, 50, 5EE, 5R, RAID 6, 60
  • VMFS partitions stored on hardware and integrated RAID arrays
  • Runs in all versions of Windows XP-10, 2003-2016 Server


  • Two modes of operation: quick and full recovery
  • Fully guided, step-by-step recovery wizard
  • Saves recovered files and folders on local or remote locations
  • Supports FTP upload
  • Can mount virtual disks to system as drive letters (will be accessible with Explorer and all other browsers and file utilities)
  • Recovers information bypassing Windows access restrictions
  • Supports long and international file names and folders with multiple sub-folders
  • Recovers VMDK images from corrupted VMFS partitions stored on corrupted RAID arrays with or without the original RAID controller
  • Supports all the features of Raid Recovery


Diskinternals Vmfs Recovery supports VMFS partitions created in VMware® vSphere™ 3.5-6 and ESX/ESXi drives created in VMware® ESX Server™. Vmfs Recovery supports Windows XP-10 and 2003-2016 Server. All types of internal and external hard drives and RAID arrays are supported, with or without the original RAID controller.

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