Digital Photo Recovery in a Point-and-Click Fashion!

Recovery kit for digital photo enthusiasts

Most everyone, using digital cameras, or simply working with images, has experienced the annoyance and sufferings that come from deleted images or lost photos from formatted memory cards. Sometimes your kid or spouse is juggling with folders on the home PC and foolishly deletes the one that contains precious family photos. Or, some well-intentioned co-worker removes the folder with your photos, not even knowing what it is for, and who it belongs to. This often happens within offices, where computers are shared by more than one user. Too often photos are lost due to hardware malfunction, for example, the flash memory gets re-formatted. Fortunately there's DiskInternals Flash Recovery, a digital photo recovery tool that restores photos even in the most hopeless situations, when all other software fails.

DiskInternals Flash Recovery has been designed for people, who have little or no knowledge in digital photo recovery technologies and don't have time to learn a complicated recovery tool. To make photo recovery simple, its user interface is designed as a wizard that guides you through all 4 photo recovery stages, from selecting a storage media, type of scan (fast or full) and an actual scan all the way to previewing and saving recovered photos. In doing this your efforts are restricted to a couple of clicks here and there and on the "Next" button. Recovery itself is completely automated. The DiskInternals's artificial intelligence meticulously scans within selected locations and detects ALL recoverable photos, be they on a hard drive, external drive, camera, or a flash memory device. It restores RAW, CR2, CRW, TIFF, JPEG photos from formatted memory cards. All other types are also supported, but only for deleted photos.

Step-by-step digital photo recovery guide

DiskInternals Flash Recovery works with all versions of Windows OS, including 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/2003. So, if you are a Windows user, don't hesitate, it's for you.

Let's get started!

Download DiskInternals Flash Recovery from The file you are downloading is named "Flash_Recovery.exe". The download mustn't take long, as the installer is only 1.45 Mb. Do you know any other, which is that small?

Now double click on the downloaded file to start installation. You'll see a dialog box that asks if you would like to continue. Click "Next".

The easiest way to do the next few windows is to use default installation settings. It's fine. So, click "Next" in all windows of the installer wizard. When you are done, check "Run DiskInternals Flash Recovery", and click "Finish".

Congratulations! You have DiskInternals Flash Recovery installed on your PC.

Now, let's recover photos.

Go: "Start" -> "Programs" -> "DiskInternals Flash Recovery" -> "DiskInternals Flash Recovery". You will see this lovely window below.

Here you can see a brief explanation of the DiskInternals' photo recovery abilities. Click "Next" to continue in the next window.

Now you can see all storage media available on your computer. This can be hard disk drives, USB drives, as well as cameras that you have connected to the PC prior to launching the program. So, let's, for example, find the one that is labeled "I:" (61,51 Mb). In our example it is a USB drive. Select its name and then click "Options".

From the drop-down menu you see above, select "Full drive scan (Recommended)". As you can see, there are other options on this menu. For example, "Create Recovery Snapshot" and "Mount Recovery Snapshot". This means you can create backup images of media and recover photos from images you have already created. But let's get back to our photo recovery. Upon selecting "Scan drive", the program responds with the window below.

The good thing about photo recovery with DiskInternals Flash Recovery is that everything is done automatically. You just sit back and watch. Or, you can go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of coffee. And when you are back, photo recovery is done. No kidding.

Wow! You can see my photos here. How embarrassing!:-)

All photos are displayed as thumbnails. For each one you can see its properties, including its name, date it was taken, its image format and size. And of course, what you can see is what you can actually get. That's, of course, if you are a registered user. But if you haven't registered yet, it's probably time to get a license key :) The license lets you unlock its ability to save recovered photos and gives you lifetime technical support and free future upgrades.

As you can see, digital photo recovery using DiskInternals Flash Recovery is incredibly easy and doesn't require any advanced knowledge of digital photo recovery tricks. Have you ever seen the user interface simpler than the one shown above? At any point of recovery you may refer to the Help, which can be accessed by clicking on the "Help" button in the lower left area of the interface. We used USB for photo recovery as the example here. But with the same point-and-click ease you could recover photos from other storage devices. Good luck!

  1. Download DiskInternals Flash Recovery to try free photo recovery on your own.
  2. Buy DiskInternals Flash Recovery online to gain the ability to save photos.

What our customers say

DiskInternals Flash Recovery has already helped many digital camera owners and photo enthusiasts recover their precious digital memories. Here's what they say. "I just wanted to thank you for your great software. I just had the arrival of my first child this past Saturday and spent all weekend taking pictures and capturing the moment. Once I arrived home I attempted to copy the files over to my home PC to save and distribute to family and friends and I somehow lost about half my pictures that were on my flash stick. These pictures were the ones of my son (Calvin) just entering the world and I looked everywhere (temp files, etc) and could not find any of the pictures. I googled and found your website and within 10 minutes of realizing what I had done I was able to recover all my pictures."


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